The Parties: Thanksgiving

Short Film
Sarah Hedar
Production Company
SMAK! Productions
Maria J. Cruz
Arianna McGregor, Maria J. Cruz, Sarah Kathryn Young, Kel Salerno
Laurel K. Brown
Gloria Mercer
Red Heartbreaker
Principal Cast
Maria J. Cruz, Arianna McGregor, Sarah Kathryn Young, Kel Salerno
Official Selection


The holidays expose the fears and flaws of four friends keen on cheeky jibes, pop culture, and getting on with it. LIFE'S MESSY. THROW A PARTY.


Post Process

Director's Statement

Here’s the thing about personal growth - you can’t really know what you  are made of until you are tested, and sometimes we fail our own expectations  - gloriously, spectacularly, as if we could not have been better at being  worse. And sometimes we figure it out, or we linger in the space between the  teetering ups and downs of knowing something intellectually and being able to act on it emotionally.

Through it all we have friends. The close friends that  see through our BS and push us to be better. The ones who love us even if we  fail. The ones who care enough to tell us that it’s time to grow up and hold  our hand as we painfully baby step along shards of imaginary broken glass,  and then pour us a drink when we need a break. The Parties is about such  friendship - the enduring kind, and the tension that journey brings. The  push/pull of knowing and being, growing and becoming. And drinks.

poster of The Parties
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