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The Floating Man

In this intimate self-portrait, Michael V. Smith’s The Floating Man sources his art practice to examine a lifetime of untrue stories about his body. Beginning with interviews in his hometown, and moving forward through mentors and students of his own, Smith explores the kaleidoscope of a body’s relationship with gender.

still image from the floating man

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After failing to fix her broken life and bad habits with self-help books, a desperate woman returns to the New Age bookstore and demands a refund for her life. The store manager however, offers her a more lucrative option.

Temp poster image for Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Parties: Thanksgiving

The holidays expose the fears and flaws of four friends keen on cheeky jibes, pop culture, and getting on with it. LIFE'S MESSY. THROW A PARTY.

poster of The Parties

Quest OutWest: Wild Food Season 2 & 3

Host Tracey Kim Bonneau meets up with old and new friends at local organic farms, wineries, homesteads and wild places in the traditional Okanagan territory.

Still from Quest Out West

Dracula Reborn

Three journalists travel from Vancouver to Transylvania to uncover the truth about Dracula. The trio's determination may end up costing them their lives.

Still image from Dracula Reborn

Mom n' Me

Part of a documentary series that celebrates 13 BC First Nations languages and pays tribute to the drive to preserve and revitalize them for future generations.

Poster of Mom n' Me

The Life and Times of Steve, The Mushroom

Steve the Mushroom wants to overcome his loneliness, fear and isolation in the forest. Since befriending his tormentors is not an option, Steve transforms on a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Poster of Steve The Mushroom