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The Floating Man

In this intimate self-portrait, Michael V. Smith’s The Floating Man sources his art practice to examine a lifetime of untrue stories about his body. Beginning with interviews in his hometown, and moving forward through mentors and students of his own, Smith explores the kaleidoscope of a body’s relationship with gender.

still image from the floating man

Award winning & Nominated Films

2023 - Vancouver Int'l Women in Film Festival

WINNER - Best Editing in a Short Film

WINNER - Best Short Film

poster of nxaxaitkw short film

2020 - Leo Awards

WINNER - Best Editing in a Short Film

2020 - Vancouver Int'l Women in Film Festival

WINNER - Best Editing in a Short Film

WINNER - Outstanding Achievement in a BC Short Film

2020 - Sundance Film Festival

NOMINATED - Best Short Film: Short Film Grand Jury Prize

2019 - Toronto Int'l Film Festival

NOMINATED - Best Canadian Short Film: Short Cuts Award

poster image for Now Is The Time

2019 - Leo Awards

NOMINATED - Best Editing in a short drama

2019 - City of Angel's Festival

WINNER - Best Short Film

2019 - Austin Revolution

WINNER - World Director

NOMINATED - World Short Film

2019 - Wild Bunch Film Festival

NOMINATED - Best Short Film & Best Produced Film

Official poster for Last Stand to Nowhere

2019 - Leo Awards

WINNER - Best Editing in a Motion Picture Drama

WINNER - Best Motion Picture

2019 - Vancouver Film Critics Circle

WINNER - Best BC & Best Canadian Film

2018 - Vancouver Int'l Film Fest

WINNER - Best BC & Best Canadian Film

2018 - Toronto Int'l Film Fest

NOMINATED - Best Canadian Feature Film

Official Poster for SG̲aaway K̲'uuna : Edge of The Knife

2014 - ImagineNative Film Fest

WINNER - The Alanis Obamsawin Best Documentary Award

Official Poster of My Legacy

2008 - CFTPA Indie Awards

NOMINATED - Best Documentary

2008 - TLA Gaybies Awards

NOMINATED - Best Documentary

2009 - Video Librarian

Best Documentaries List

Official Poster for Fatherhood Dreams

2007 - Globe & Mail

WINNER - Critic's Choice

2007 - Columbus Int'l Film & Video Fest

Honorable Mention

Poster for A Safer Sex Trade. Photo by Elaine Walkden

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The Editor's Cut: CCE podcast from EditCon 2019 panel


Andrea Says Interview


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Sarah provides a wealth of skills but she also has the special ability to empathize with competing interests, egos, backgrounds and competencies. While working with Sarah on multiple projects, she proved to be highly creative, intelligent, disciplined and resilient.

Attila Luca
Dracula Reborn / Seeds

Sarah speaks the language of film impeccably and having her as my editor for "Now is the Time" has been both a privilege and a learning experience

Christopher Auchter
Now Is The Time

Sarah is a wonderful collaborator and a joy to be around and work with. Not only is she highly organized and efficient, but she brings to the table experience and ideas that help elevate a story. From the start to final export I felt in great hands.

Jeremy Leroux
Dominant Chord

Her patience, creativity, and technical knowledge made the entire post-production process easier. Sarah brings her education and experience as a director to her editing process and sees story with a keen eye from multiple angles.

Michelle Muldoon
Last Stand To Nowhere

I’ve been working in post-production since 2001. I currently work as a freelance editor but my formative years as an assistant editor gave me a solid technical foundation and understanding of the entire post-production workflow. Working with smaller boutique production companies on independent productions also gave me a chance to participate in all stages of a film’s life cycle – from development to delivery.

I’m a storyteller, and I love helping people tell their stories visually.  I work in narrative and documentary, long and short form. I choose projects that I can both contribute to and learn from, and aim to get to the heart of the story and build it with every edit decision.

I don’t know if films can change the world but I think a story well told can change us - by showing us what it is to be human, to connect, feel, consider another point of view, opening up new worlds, challenging the status quo and even simply to entertain - and that to me is something worth doing every day.

Sarah Hedar photo credit WendyD Photo